Monday, November 22, 2010

Back In Time

Today a friend called and offered me some vintage pictures to copy. Oh, joy! People know me so well, it's the perfect gift. Just the thought that someone would share part of their world with me is astounding. I thank you Susie and Marie for your kindness!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mark Montano Give-a -way

CONTEST TIME!!! This one requires some brainwork and I will personally pick the winner. I have faith in all of you, so here goes. I want to promote my books for the holidays (a great gift for$20) and am not sure how. I'm stumped! So here are the rules. Follow carefully:1. Make a suggestion here as to how to promote my book as the best Holiday Gift EVER!2. Re-post this FB post on your page.3. Join my blog if you haven't:'ll win a box of goodies that will blow your socks off. You know I've got the hook up so it's Fiskars, E-6000, Rubber Stamp stuff, Ink pads, paper, you name it, it will be in the winner's box. Now let's get this party started!