Sunday, September 28, 2008

So, Life Goes On...

I went straight to the ER, nothing broken, but I've had to go to an Orthopedic Surgeon 2x had 2 xrays and an ultrasound on it as I've had a previous broken leg, blood clot and knee surgery on that leg before. I have a huge hematoma on it. Looks like I have 2 knees. Drs. couldn't believe my leg wasn't broken and neither could I the amount of pain I was in. So now, I am walking with a cane and trying to stay off it for it to heal in time for the baby to get here. (yeah, right me stay off it) I haven't driven since that day. It's driving me crazy.
Needless to say, I guess Aimee lost a friend that day as the mother of the child now won't speak to her at work anymore. I guess she thought we provided free babysitting or something. The joke was on us!
fondly, Nancy

The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly

It was a special day. My daughter's baby shower. My FIRST grandchilds upcoming arrival! My friend Cindee offered her vintage home, which was perfect for our sheet music, birdie and babies theme. We planned for weeks and weeks. Not just the decorating, the games, the handmade prizes, the food, Cindee's delicious cupcakes and so on. We brought out all the vintage cake tiers and glassware, cut glass, you get the picture or will.

Anyway, we spread the word that this was to be a ladies only event. With over 30 people coming and many with small children we felt for everyone's sanity that would be best. Imagine our surprise when the last guest arrived with a 19 month in tow. We hoped for the best!

What we got was a little different than that.

At first everyone ooohed and ahhhed at everything she did and laughed at all the funny little things she did. MISTAKE!!!!!

Then she started in like a hurricane. We were playing classical lullabyes. I guess she didn't like them. She banged away at the 100 year old piano. On and on. Her mother did nothing. next she went on to touch the little scenes I had made under glass domes with vintage baby things in them. She was so fast she pulled everything out, the rattles, booties and so on, threw them on the floor. Another lady came to the rescue on that one. Next, I heard, she went in the kitchen and turned on 3 burners while Cindee was serving. All the while, her mother sat there. UNBELIEVABLE! By this time I was a wreck. Finally, she came over in my area and grabbed a sharp object and I jumped up to grab it and disaster struck and I fell down trying to save her lol and here is the ugly of it all!