Saturday, July 28, 2007

A few More For Your Viewing Pleasure.....

Live Out Of Your Imagination, Not Your History...

I just can not wait for Summer to be over. These 100+ days just do a number on me. I can't take the heat any more! I never complain when winter is here cuz I think of these long summer days and I'd much rather have fall or winter back. (sigh)
I had a good class today, well actually the last 2 days. I think my student had a good time too, she left here with a wonderful collage for a gift for a family member. It was made of memories, deep meaning and I hope he gets the many mixed messages she was trying to convey to him in this piece. It's one powerful heartfelt to the point piece. If ever someone was sending a message this artist was. It is so amazing how art can heal a person. It's even more amazing to be the person that can share in it.
fondly, Nancy
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Best Years Of My Life...

Ok, so now I've got it bad for clipboards. They are my new best friends. I can't stop making them. Not the small ones but the big ones. I have no idea why I get so obsessed about things like this, but when I do I just go overboard. Like I stayed up til 3am last night and got up at 6am and went straight to the studio again. I picked up 3 new stores so I need alot of art and besides that I am having Open Studios at my studio with another artist friend (Hi Helen) that's 4 days and I am doing "Taste of Chico" and possibly a show in Mendocino again, so I need lots of art!
In the meantime I am still teaching (alot) so in my spare time I am dreaming of Christmas ornaments that I've already promised all these stores! Yikes, I even walked in a store yesterday and can't stop thinking about the art I could create on their walls. Good thing the owner was out of town or I'd probably be doing that too!
These really are the best years of my life....
fondly, Nancy
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Less Really Can Be More....

ATC's Love em or hate em. What fascinating tiny collages they are. A challenge to the collage artist to work so small. For me, PERFECT as I enjoy working small. My work area is always loaded with supplies so I only have enough room to work SMALL! That's the truth of the matter! I hope you enjoy these. All are gone!

A Part Of Us Remains, Wherever We Have Been...

Altoid suitcases are fun to do, especially if you like travel art like I do. It's fun to save ephemera in a little envy in your purse then bring your "junque" home and create these. The one's you see here are lined with hand dyed Tyvek. This is one of my more popular classes. People seem to want to do something different than scrap booking all the time. this is another way to show off your trips in an unusual way. I do sell kits for these, so contact me at for more info!
fondly, Nancy
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Friday, July 6, 2007

To Know Is Nothing At All, To Imagine Is Everything...

It's back!!!! After many requests, my "fabri-paper" is back. I started making this in 1999. It's been sold all over the world. From online, scrap book stores, rubber stamping stores, quilt stores, quilting conventions and so on. This beautiful fabric is hand dyed and embellished by me. Each one is done separately and carefully dried on a dying rack. This is fabric to be used like PAPER! Great for any project you would normally use paper on. Beautifully webbed and glittered. You will love the look your projects take on using this awesome product! I am off to do some more colors!
fondly, Nancy
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