Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's Never To Late To Fly....

I did accomplish this tag book of angels today. It's hard not being able to jump up and grab the things I need right when you need them anymore. You take all that for granted til you can't do it anymore. Even harder is having everyone telling me I need to rest all the time. My studio is all fixed up for my new transition. I have a daybed for my day rest. A table that is wheelchair accessible for me to do my art. I am happy to spend my days there and my nights in my bedroom. I think it will be a while til I venture out into the real world again. Considering my right knee is the injured one, I don't think I will be driving anytime soon!
Fondly, Nancy
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Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Wish For You...

OK people I am back! I took a little detour and had that surgery along the way 2 days ago. Everything went well. I have been warned to stay totally off the knee for 6 weeks cuz if i don't I may need knee replacement. Judging from the pain of this, I don't want KNEE REPLACEMENT!!! So I am back doing my art and adding things to ETSY. I am also learning dignity and grace while having to let people wait on me, something I am not used to. It's just so weird to have to ask for help but thats another story! Anyway, I am glad to be back and if any of this doesn't make sense please know it's the pain pills talking!!! Til next time..fondly, Nancy Now Playing:Rascal Flatts/My Wish

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Marvelous Innocence...

Well, it's surgery tomorrow so wish me luck! Dr. says it will be 6 weeks of non weight bearing recovery. Then 2 weeks of relearning to walk after that. do I do that? He wrote me a prescription for a walker and a wheelchair and pain meds and all that. But how do I ask people for all the help I am going to need? I am used to being the caregiver for everyone. I am not a good patient! I have to stay up late making room in my studio for that wheel chair with that elevated leg thing. I hope that thing will fit in there or its going to be 6-8 weeks of knitting for me! I mean I like knitting but usually only in the winter! I guess I am just in shock that I didn't have more notice than this. Also, the thing I didn't tell anyone is I also have frozen shoulder and they found a cyst in there so after this I have to deal with that. The Dr. was going to try to deal with that at the same time while they had me out but decided I am going to need my shoulder for the walker so changed his mind, so I just have a long road ahead of me. Thank God for ART!
fondly, Nancy
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Help Me...I think I'm Falling...

I had a totally exhausting last few days. I just want to stay home for the next few days and stay in my studio and shut off the world. But I can't. Tomorrow I go to the surgeon to see if I need surgery on my knee or not. I am taking him my MRI for him to read. I have done nothing but take care of people for the last few days and I am emotionally and physically "drained." I did manage to put a few new things on ETSY, how I don't know, but I did!
The weather here has been near perfect. If only it could be this way year round! I dread the summers as it gets so hot here. I love fall and winter best, smelling the woodstoves and feeling the brisk autumn air, among the pines. It's like being on a contstant vacation almost! Everyone one says I should sell real estate here I love it so much. But then that's why they call it "Paradise" cuz it really is.
fondly, Nancy
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Love Is Touching Souls...

I went to a wedding yesterday. A rainy outdoor wedding. I felt bad for the bride and groom. Oh, they had those tent like things set up for the reception, but this rain was cold, windy, and relentless. None of the bridal party could even sit down for the reception. Everything was unorganized and decisions had to be made on the spot. Most people left, even before the cake was cut. It was sad. The bride's beautiful dress was all muddy, but somehow she like a trooper carried it along with her and smiled through it all!
fondly, Nancy
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Distance Is Just Geography...

I love this piece because I used some of my "Fabri-Paper" in it. I have been making this product since 2000. I have sent it all over the world for people to use in scrapbooking, collage, rubberstamping, and so on. It is used as the background here. At the moment I am currently SOLD OUT, but taking orders.
I have a real love affair with the Eiffel Tower too. I collect them. I have quite a few now. One of my best friends is French. She gives me lots of other treasures so my collection is growing! No, I've never been to France and really have no desire to go or anything. I hope you enjoyed seeing this piece, it was fun to do!
fondly, Nancy
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Touch By His Heart, Amazed By His Soul....

I still love doing ATC's althougn I am not doing as many as I used to. It's fascinating to hold these small works of art in your hand knowing someone put so much of themselves into each one. How cool is it to trade with other artists from all over the world and to own some of your favorite artists work that you may never be able to afford by owning one of these tuny masterpieces?
I really cherish every one I have! Thanks to all that have sent to me over the years. Know that they are loved!
fondly, Nancy
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Love Is Touching Souls...

Here are my latest pins. They are done on mat board. I am teaching a class on these so need to make some more for class samples. They were fun. I got to use up small pieces of trim I had. I put them on ETSY thinking they'd make great Mother's Day gifts. I love making jewelry and get on kicks where I do it a lot.
In other news, I have to say I am saddened about yesterday's news at VT. I was in a scrapbook store where a TV was on when I saw the news. It stopped me in my tracks COLD. I guess I was as shocked as the rest of the world to see that this horrific event had occurred.
All I can say is something needs to be done about guns in America. It's out of hand now, and has been for a long time. When is someone going to do something about it? How many more innocent people have to die?
I just can't understand this. It's just so sad.
fondly, Nancy
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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Isn't She Lovely? SOLD

Out of ink! Those are words a collage artist never wants to see. It's like a dager to the heart. It quickens my pulse, makes me hyper- ventilate!
I try to stay on top of it but I didn't do too well this time. I am out of 3 colors all at once! Do I want to trek out on this gloomy rainy day or just tuff it out and create with what I have on hand? Decisions, decisions!
It's not like I can just jump in the car and run to Costco either. I have to drive down the hill to Chico (15 miles) and there I'd have to ride in a cart (cane won't get it in that huge store) And I am soooooooooo not ready to drive a cart!!!!
My h says I should have married a printer. I guess I should have told him before we married what an ink junkie I am. But hey, it could be worse. I don't have one of those professional printers....YET!...
fondly, Nancy
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Friday, April 13, 2007

I Shall Always Hold You Dear

I am back. I had what felt like a 3 day birthday celebration! What fun. Do I feel another year older? I never let it get to me, but this year was a bit different. Walking with a cane is really not my Having to ask people to help me is also not my style!
So in a way, I did feel this birthday for once. But I had a great time and thank you everyone!
On to this piece. That's my mom in her 20's. I just love that pic of her. She just looks so glamorous to me there. That's the cover of a small book I did. It's filled with pics of my childhood and before. I think one of my kids will like it someday. I've written little quotes next to each photo about each one. We have so few family photos, I cherish each and every one! fondly, Nancy
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don't Forget To Play Today...

Play? Do artists ever really grow up? Is what we do something more than play? Sometimes I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do full time. I wonder where I'd be if I had not taken this path. I have been thinking alot about this because of a new student I have. Without saying too much, I will say she made some wrong choices in life and had to pay for them big time. She's 33 and I am trying to make a difference in her world. She's like a sponge soaking up all that I have to give her. Some of my family (not my husband) are giving me grief about spending so much time with her. They say they are afraid for me. That she will turn on me, hurt me. Blah, blah, blah.
My mother, my whole life called me a people collector. My second grade teacher wrote on my report card " Nancy is the class peacemaker"
How can I not give what I have to her now when she needs me most?
fondly, Nancy
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Monday, April 9, 2007

"Maxx" He Thinks He's A Dog

He's my studio friend, my faithful companion. Usually curled up next to me in a box. Listens like a dog to commands. He never ceases to amaze me with the things he does. I really do think he thinks he's a dog!

I Am A Woman Above All Else....

It's cold here today. The warm days we've had here seem to be gone again for now. It's ok with me as I dread the summer coming on, it gets so hot here. I live in a beautifully scenic place (Paradise, CA) yes, that's it's real name, and I love it here, but it just gets too hot in the summers here.
My only complaint about living in such a lovely place. I am blessed and try never to forget how lucky I am. (L.A. transplant, can you tell?)
My studio is a mess, I just plain have too many projects going. When I bring out the sewing machine, that's when the trouble begins. I love mixing paper and fabric in my collages but I seem to get lost in the frenzy of it all. Add all the trims to the mix and I've created what looks like a funky second hand store. (I will post pics someday, I promise) I love my studio though, I have to say. Having a place of my own like it, where students, friends and other artists come. Even family assemble there. Maxx (my smart as a dog, cat)even finds a box or a spot to keep me company (next pic of Maxx, he's huge and he loves cornbread) I am today just feeling incredibly blessed for having it all and wanted to talk about it. Now, if only my health would cooperate!
fondly, Nancy
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Sunday, April 8, 2007

No Holidays For Artists...Ever...

Happy Easter everyone! Here is a small collage to celebrate the day. I hope everyone will have a great day of celebration with your family and friends. I so far, have been in the studio for 2 hours already! We won't be eating til 5 pm so I have plenty of time to create today. All preparations for the day are already done! (yeah) To all of you that have left me messages and are reading this now "Thank You" I am still learning!
fondly, Nancy (creating even on holidays)
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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Only From The Heart You Can Touch The Sky...

I got a little caught up shopping in JoAnn's today. Well, I should say, limping around JoAnn's today. I went there before a visit to my Orthopedic Surgeon. I got this cool ruffled trim because I had this angel idea in my head. I pretty much had everything else at home to make her. She's a magnet. I'm going to make a series of them. Something about the color and her sweet face I really love.
Oh, my knee? I got a shot of cortisone in it and I am going for an MRI. Surgery? Yeah, a possibility the man says. For now it's a cane and I am moving slow. Yikes! I am not used to this!
fondly, Nancy
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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Here I hand painted a tag and added an image of a little fairy girl. She has golden German scrap wings. She also has a sparkly halo and the words "loved" and "dream" can be seen. A button and a rhinestone further embellish this piece and tulle, silk ribbon and fibers finish it off. You can see more of these at
fondly, Nancy
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