Sunday, June 29, 2008

And Finally, Music!

I am always talking about the music I listen to, and now finally you can listen too. I've added playlist, so listen along while you create, do housework, or whatever. It's fun, and easy to use, so tune in!


fondly, Nancy

Life With The Fires And All...

A lot has happened since I've been gone. I am going to be a grandma for the first time! I've had two major surgeries, both in the same day. I developed an infection because of one. Slowed down my recovery. I've been evacuated from my home because of wild land fires which are still burning in my area. I am back now and my home is safe. It is so smoky here, they are recommending we don't even go outside.So, enough of that! I am back to my art! Here's a pic of my latest art and watch for more. They are coming soon, cuz I've been busy now that I am feeling better.

fondly, Nancy

Now Playing: Beat It/ Fall Out Boy- John Mayer

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Recent Fabulous Find

I found this at a recent estate sale. I think I will keep it. I can't keep everything I buy but this one I really am growing attached to. It's in perfect shape and I love the colors. I saw a blog where a lady had quite a few. I even wrote to her about her collection. She was really nice and told me all about collecting these. Just what I need one more thing to collect!

fondly, Nancy

Now Playing: Bottle It Up/Sara Barreilles