Monday, November 9, 2009


Yes, I have decided to get my H1N1 shot today. It seems my Dr. thinks I am high risk, so I will go ahead and get it. I have listened to the pros and cons about it, but with baby Mia being 13 months now, i think it's best if we are all covered. I already have my regular flu shot, so i am all set! Yay!
fondly, Nancy


sherry ♥ lee said...

Did you get the shot Nancy? How are you feeling? It's a big one! But I think it's worth it for those of us who are high risk and you're a love to do this to protect baby Mia too!! ♥

Nancy Hunt-Bartek said...

Yes, I did! I feel fine and it didn't hurt a bit. I am a diabetic so shots are a daily thing for me!. I am now searching for one for my husband with all his cardiac problems. Our reg MD is not getting, nor is his Cardio Dr. I got mine from my GYN, so he's out from being able to get one there! He is on a list at Safeway, But who knows when and if they will get any. I heard today on the news the US has 4X the death rate of anywhere else. I DO believe the hype Sherry, and glad I'm protected and am fighting hard to protect the rest of my family. It's tough in this small town we live in!
fondly, Nancy

Anonymous said...

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bc 2-tone said...

You'll be alright. Don't let nothing scare you.