Friday, July 2, 2010

Running On EMPTY

Finally making time for the things I really want to do in life. Learning to take charge, say no, and stop and breathe, really breathe. I feel like I've been running on empty for far too long. Why do I feel like I'm letting everyone down about what seems so simple to me?
fondly, Nancy

2 comments: said...

Hello! I don't think you are on your own with thes feelings! I always feel like I am letting people down, or not doing enough, even when I have done far too much! I am glad you are learning to say no, sometimes we really need to! Suzie xx

Nancy Hunt-Bartek said...

On this I am way overdue. It took a hospital visit and a deep look at where my life was going to see things clearer. I have hurt a family member or two, but I hope they will someday understand and things will be ok. Thanks for taking the time to comment on this all important issue, weighing on my heart today.
fondly, Nancy