Saturday, July 28, 2007

Live Out Of Your Imagination, Not Your History...

I just can not wait for Summer to be over. These 100+ days just do a number on me. I can't take the heat any more! I never complain when winter is here cuz I think of these long summer days and I'd much rather have fall or winter back. (sigh)
I had a good class today, well actually the last 2 days. I think my student had a good time too, she left here with a wonderful collage for a gift for a family member. It was made of memories, deep meaning and I hope he gets the many mixed messages she was trying to convey to him in this piece. It's one powerful heartfelt to the point piece. If ever someone was sending a message this artist was. It is so amazing how art can heal a person. It's even more amazing to be the person that can share in it.
fondly, Nancy
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