Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Best Years Of My Life...

Ok, so now I've got it bad for clipboards. They are my new best friends. I can't stop making them. Not the small ones but the big ones. I have no idea why I get so obsessed about things like this, but when I do I just go overboard. Like I stayed up til 3am last night and got up at 6am and went straight to the studio again. I picked up 3 new stores so I need alot of art and besides that I am having Open Studios at my studio with another artist friend (Hi Helen) that's 4 days and I am doing "Taste of Chico" and possibly a show in Mendocino again, so I need lots of art!
In the meantime I am still teaching (alot) so in my spare time I am dreaming of Christmas ornaments that I've already promised all these stores! Yikes, I even walked in a store yesterday and can't stop thinking about the art I could create on their walls. Good thing the owner was out of town or I'd probably be doing that too!
These really are the best years of my life....
fondly, Nancy
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful work! Outstanding way to hold lovely memories! *HUGS*