Monday, September 24, 2007

Baby Keepsakes (sold)

Well, the rain has stopped it looks like. Supposed to be 80 degrees today. PERFECT Northern Californian weather for me! I love the fall! That ugly 100+ degree heat is gone, Thank God.
I am ready for another day. I am up early and ready for some coffee. As you can see I come straight to the computer first without even stopping for coffee. I guess that shows which I am more addicted to, now doesn't it?
What is doesn't show is my real addiction. That is ETSY. I love ETSY!!!! There are so many cool artists there I can't stant it. I just can't stay away! I swear I am there (yes, buying, too) every free moment I have! OMG, I am so hooked. In fact, I better go now, I might be missing something. More later friends.
fondly, Nancy
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Pam Aries said...

Ooo! I must say..these are darrrling! I love them! ..I love etsy ,too.