Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Games People Play

I know. I've been gone quite a while now. Life got in the way. Art got in the way. I just plain ran out of time. Time to write about it. Time to breathe. Time to take time. Ya know??? LOL!!! I am back now. I missed coming here. I totally over extended myself. Like that's something new.
Oh,well. LOL.
Well, here is my new doll. I embellished her. Then I hung some scrabble tile charms, all over her. I am on this game piece charm thing right now. I am making charms out of EVERYTHING!!!! And I mean EVERYTHING!!! Watch my ETSY store and see what I mean.

Also check out my daughter's new ETSY store at:

fondly, Nancy
Now playing Kanye West/Stronger

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