Monday, October 29, 2007

More on OPEN STUDIO this year...

Advertising....we did plenty of that! Thanks to my daughter Aimee for the flyer she made us!
fondly, Mom
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Anonymous said...
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zUzU said...

Hi Nancy =^..^=

I just stumbled onto your website through Flickr, through a friend through ... well you know how it goes! The universe is a funny place. I knew your work the moment I saw it.

Although I haven't seen you in years (and don't even know if you would remember me) ... Nevertheless, I am going to play 'big sister' here just a little bit ::smile:: hope you won't mind. Friends and art sisters worry ...

OMGoddess ... Yikes! You have the address and DIRECTIONS in DETAIL to your house on the open internet! Did you mean to do this?

I know the area of Paradise well. Small townish and fabulous to visit. I live down the hill in a bit larger city and feel safe amongst my friends and neighbors, but it scares me to even have photos of my house online ... Because I have been found with just a photo! Please, be careful.

That said ... I must talk about your art!

Your work has evolved into something even more special than when I was buying from you way back when. Still have what remains to this day, a favorite pin. Purchased at a Christmas? Faire in Chico years ago ... Ages ago! It was from you when you were still hand writing your phone number on cards.

Lookie at what you have done! Wonderful! You did what you said you wished for ... What you hoped! Hooooray! Your talent was obvious when I met you and your work. I just knew you could do it! And you did!!

You site is fun ... Your blog makes me want to return to see more. How lovely it all is!

All the best in the New Year ...
Hope your shoulder repair has gone well.
Say hello to Maxx (the cat with an olde soul)

=^..^= love, zU