Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tis The Season To Collage.

I love collage even more during the fall and winter months. They are my favorite times of the year. Call me crazy, but something about the hot weather being over revives me. I love the smell of the wood stoves burning, seeing the colorful leaves falling, and the brisk days. I am happy to be able to live in a place where I can truly see the season colors. When the snow comes, the little that I get, maybe 6-7 days a year, I am like a child waiting for Santa. I get up many times, through the night to see if it's here yet. I know those of you that get tons are cursing me now, or are surely thinking me nutty, but I am a former So Cal girl that had never seen snow fall before moving here so bare with now!
Now back to collage, the real thing I intended to talk about today...
fondly, Nancy


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you like the same music I do! I am leaving your blog on to listen to tunes! I am 53yr! I can't find anyone here same as me sista!xxoo Denise

tammy smith said...

Love your blog and love your collages(as well as the pictures of your sweet little baby-what a doll!)
I found you via Lola glad I did!