Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's The Heart, That Makes The Home...

So many times when I read quotes like this, they make me stop and think how true this really is. Like coming home after a vacation, how good it feels sleeping in you own bed again, for me, being back in my studio.
I miss my home when I am away. Being an empty nester now is an odd feeling, but I am quickly adapting. (smile) My daughter lives near by so I see her a lot and we probably talk on the phone or by IM 5-6X a day so we are still very close. She and her fiance come for dinner about 3-4X a week. Soon she is going to school to become a Police Officer.
My son lives in L.A. and is in the music business. I only get to see him 2-3 X a year. Him and his GF both have AOL at work so it's like they are right here if I want to talk to them. I see them arrive at work at 9am and they are here til 6pm. They work accross the street from each other, him at Warner Brothers Records, her at Hollywood Records (Disney) I am happy they both have AOL at work. It keeps us close anyway.
I don't know how I got off track of art today, but I did. I am putting a few houses on Etsy today. Some are paper and some are fabric and some are both. The paper ones have hand dyed backgrounds that are gorgeous! I am also going to put some hand dyed tags on today. Blank ones for those of you into tag art, OMG these are awesome!
Anyway, Have a good day!
fondly, Nancy
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