Friday, June 29, 2007

Near The Sea We ForgetTo Count The Days..

I love the vintage bathing beauties. Probably because I always thought I'd live near the sea. It's strange I ended up in the mountains. Even though I've lived here 30 years now, it still feels weird being so far from the sea. I miss it so much. I guess that's why I like using the BB images so much. Next month I am spending a few days at a B&B on the coast and I can hardly wait. Some good R and R is desperately needed! I am staying near a place called "Glass Beach" that used to be an old dump so I hope I come home with lots of treasures or "junque" as I like to call it to create with! I can already see my H's eyes rolling back in his head as I fill the buckets with treasures....He gets it...
fondly, Nancy
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P.S. Thanks to all that wrote me about my sister. Her test results came out fine. She goes back in 6 months for another!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful works! I love them! Thank you for sharing all of these with us!