Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I Could Not Ask For More...

Here I am again, time sure does fly by. I was rattled by a friends passing away, but I am better now, the shock has worn off. I have been in overdrive creatively, in the studio almost all my waking hours. Thinking about how fragile life is, how really we need to enjoy it and cherish it. I think my art has been affected by all this. At least I think it shows.
Tomorrow is my big day with the surgeon. I find out if I need more surgery on my right knee. I also am taking him ex rays of my left knee. I feel the same pain in both knees so we will see what I need done now. And then there's the left shoulder. It still is impinged and has the cyst in it. He gave me a choice, which to do first. I said my knee's. I've been through the shoulder thing before, but having to ask for so much help from people is hard for me. So knee's it is.
Meanwhile, I create and create and create...lol..and then I do it over again....everyday. I am blessed to be able to. That I know.
fondly, Nancy
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Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, I found you thought etsy and thought I'd drop by your blog sight....I also have a blog on blogspot.....I think you are very creative and I enjoy your work.... judy (judypatooote)