Sunday, May 20, 2007

AHHHH!!!...A Paris Flea Market, In The good ole USA

I arrived early and when I say early, I mean first one there, to the annual Paris Flea Market yesterday. What is it you may ask? It is a collage artists dream come true of a sale! It is put on by a greeting card designer who is a crazy paper freak kind of like me. She sells bags and bags of exotic papers that she doesn't want or use any more. OMG beautiful stuff!!!! Then she sell bags of ribbon pieces the same way and trims, and flowers. It's just a wonderland.
She sells charms by the bag too. I wish I would have taken a pic of all I got before I put it away just so you could see it all.
She told me she's going to be doing this twice a year now. Hooray!!!! I swear I barely slept all week just thinking about what might be there. Oh, yeah later I will take a pic of my new glitter holder I got there. Well, it's not really a glitter holder but it is now. Very cool in the studio I must say!
Well, I hope you like these 3 little collages up today. The paper I used is from the PFM and notice those little ball trims. They are vintage floral pieces I got yesterday. I wish she had more, I bought all she had but it wasn't many I love them though. Anyway, back to creating. Til next time!
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Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I love flea markets, don't get out enough to see them though. Thanks for sharing all of your pieces with us. They are all wonderful!