Thursday, May 17, 2007

Swing, It's Your Day.....

Dance! Ahhh! The beauty of it. I love every aspect of it. Everything to do with it. Do I watch "Dancing With The Stars?" Of course!
I met my husband in a dance class. We love dancing. Not that we've been doing any lately! I told my daughter, who's engaged I hope I can dance at your wedding. Good thing she hasn't set a date yet! Plenty of time for me to heal from this surgery and extra time to heal from the next in case I need another(waiting for 6/6) to find out.
Until those days when I can dance again, I will have to settle on dance art. To see more go here if you'd like!
fondly, Nancy
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Anonymous said...

Ohhh dancing is sooo wonderful! It's sooo sweet that you met a a dance class. I bet ya danced together and all. How ROMANTIC!
These works are very cute!
I hope that you get all better fast so that when your daughter does make the date for her wedding, you will be able to dance there. :)

Holly Stinnett said...

Gorgeous tags! I too am a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars... a big addict is what I am! I'm am thrilled the ones who remain but would be even happier if Apolo wins!

Cat said...

These dance tags are great! I must confess though, I don't dance, well I did ballet, but I was far to inhibited to really dance! One of the things shy people miss out on! Bummer. I'm not that shy anymore though, maybe I can start... (laughing).

Your collages on your blog are all terrific! I'll have to go peek at your etsy shops.