Saturday, May 5, 2007

Time Stands Still..

Cinco de Mayo. A day so celebrated in my childhood. No I am not Mexican but I might as well have been. I grew up in a tight Mexican neighborhood and spent half my life there. Their culture runs true in me. I love the food, the life, everything about their world. I swear I am more Mexican than the Italian I was born into. Every May 5th, we always celebrate and cook everything Mexican but this year will be different as I am unable to do my big thing. In fact my daughter just called to see what we were I said "Tamale Pie" She said.."WHAT?"
I said.."Dad's cooking"..I could hear the disappointment in her voice. So this May 5th will be like no other! Things change. Mom's get sick, or injured, or get tired, or go out to dinner. Things just plain ole change. So watch your mother cook on May 5th or any other day for that matter. You never know when a special day might come and she may need you to do the cooking! And now back to the studio to the real important stuff of the day!
fondly, Nancy
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful piece! Mexican is my favorite food. Just had to say that when I saw that you wrote about being Mexican in your post. GREAT WORK!

Jonna Barnett said...

My first baby sitter was our Mexican neighbor where we lived in Arizona. Homemade tortilla's to die for.....