Thursday, May 10, 2007

I made these new "Dangles" yesterday with a new tool I found at Michael's. It was a leaf punch in the new Martha Stewart collection. I don't have a lot of punch's, having taught in 3 different scrapbook stores you'd think I would. I have found them hard on my hands to use. You kind of needed this super human strength to use them. They were always awkward and heavy. Well, Martha's new ones are fabulous! I wish I would have bought more! In fact, all her new stuff was awesome. What was left of it, that is. I guess going after National Scrapbook Day wasn't such a good idea. Lots of empty racks. But what I did find was a dream for collage artists! I have never been a big Martha fan, but suddenly I think I'm her new groupie. Oh, and I also got the little banners there too, and some really cool patterned paper. I can't wait for Michael's to restock!
fondly, Nancy

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Anonymous said...

How lovely! I love to go to Michael's! The thing is whenever I go there, I get stuck looking at everything! LOLOLOL Thanks for sharing these!