Friday, May 4, 2007

Near The Sea, We Forget To Count The Days....

I am such a paper freak.I really believe it's an illness. One I really need help for. I mean here i am thinking about tomorrow being National Scrapbook Day and I don't even scrapbook. But I knew my local scrap booking store would be filled to the brim with new paper for tomorrow. I just had to go!!!! I knew in my condition I couldn't maneuver a wheelchair around there tomorrow so I went today. Oh, man did I go overboard! As USUAL!!!! I did get some gorgeous papers though. I love them so much I don't want to use them! Isn't it funny how that happens? Even worse I do use them and like them so much I go back for more and the store doesn't carry them any more. That really sucks big time! I really do have a huge love affaire with paper though. I love to go to FLAX in S.F. or even shop with them online. The store is incredible though, if you ever make it to the Bay area. GO!
fondly, Nancy
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