Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Love Is Touching Souls...

Here are my latest pins. They are done on mat board. I am teaching a class on these so need to make some more for class samples. They were fun. I got to use up small pieces of trim I had. I put them on ETSY thinking they'd make great Mother's Day gifts. I love making jewelry and get on kicks where I do it a lot.
In other news, I have to say I am saddened about yesterday's news at VT. I was in a scrapbook store where a TV was on when I saw the news. It stopped me in my tracks COLD. I guess I was as shocked as the rest of the world to see that this horrific event had occurred.
All I can say is something needs to be done about guns in America. It's out of hand now, and has been for a long time. When is someone going to do something about it? How many more innocent people have to die?
I just can't understand this. It's just so sad.
fondly, Nancy
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Jonna Barnett said...

Nancy, Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I traced you back to yours. Love your pins they would make great Mother's day gifts. Good luck with your class.

gerry said...

These look absolutely wonderful..thanks for sharing them...great work and would make great gifts...and well as Mothers Day is also approaching i'd also like you to visit my blog on Mother's Day Wishes and check out all that i've posted there...and while you're at it do share your thoughts!!!!