Friday, April 13, 2007

I Shall Always Hold You Dear

I am back. I had what felt like a 3 day birthday celebration! What fun. Do I feel another year older? I never let it get to me, but this year was a bit different. Walking with a cane is really not my Having to ask people to help me is also not my style!
So in a way, I did feel this birthday for once. But I had a great time and thank you everyone!
On to this piece. That's my mom in her 20's. I just love that pic of her. She just looks so glamorous to me there. That's the cover of a small book I did. It's filled with pics of my childhood and before. I think one of my kids will like it someday. I've written little quotes next to each photo about each one. We have so few family photos, I cherish each and every one! fondly, Nancy
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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful piece! Your mother does look great. 20's!!!
Great work!