Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Only From The Heart You Can Touch The Sky...

I got a little caught up shopping in JoAnn's today. Well, I should say, limping around JoAnn's today. I went there before a visit to my Orthopedic Surgeon. I got this cool ruffled trim because I had this angel idea in my head. I pretty much had everything else at home to make her. She's a magnet. I'm going to make a series of them. Something about the color and her sweet face I really love.
Oh, my knee? I got a shot of cortisone in it and I am going for an MRI. Surgery? Yeah, a possibility the man says. For now it's a cane and I am moving slow. Yikes! I am not used to this!
fondly, Nancy
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful Angel! I love your work and the magnets are a great idea! You go!!!

I would suggest doing exactly what the doctor tells you.Although, I know that it can be painful and hard at times. My left side was paralyzed after a surgical procedure and because I did what the Physical Therapist told can't tell now to look at me. Other then my scar and that's covered. You are NOT alone dear. You are in my prayers. :) I hope that you feel better. *HUGS*

Cat said...

Yes, this angel has a sweet face; she is lovely!

I hope all goes will with your knee, the doctors can do wonders. My 16 yr old son got a new ACL last year!!

Smiles, Cat