Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's Never To Late To Fly....

I did accomplish this tag book of angels today. It's hard not being able to jump up and grab the things I need right when you need them anymore. You take all that for granted til you can't do it anymore. Even harder is having everyone telling me I need to rest all the time. My studio is all fixed up for my new transition. I have a daybed for my day rest. A table that is wheelchair accessible for me to do my art. I am happy to spend my days there and my nights in my bedroom. I think it will be a while til I venture out into the real world again. Considering my right knee is the injured one, I don't think I will be driving anytime soon!
Fondly, Nancy
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Anonymous said...

Your artwork is as wonderful as always! Very inspiring and beautiful!
Your situation sounds soooo farmilar. I was in a wheelchair for awhile...and did alot of Physical Therapy. Did your doctors give you excersises to do? Please do any Physical Therapy that the doctors ask you to. It will help TRUST ME!