Saturday, April 14, 2007

Isn't She Lovely? SOLD

Out of ink! Those are words a collage artist never wants to see. It's like a dager to the heart. It quickens my pulse, makes me hyper- ventilate!
I try to stay on top of it but I didn't do too well this time. I am out of 3 colors all at once! Do I want to trek out on this gloomy rainy day or just tuff it out and create with what I have on hand? Decisions, decisions!
It's not like I can just jump in the car and run to Costco either. I have to drive down the hill to Chico (15 miles) and there I'd have to ride in a cart (cane won't get it in that huge store) And I am soooooooooo not ready to drive a cart!!!!
My h says I should have married a printer. I guess I should have told him before we married what an ink junkie I am. But hey, it could be worse. I don't have one of those professional printers....YET!...
fondly, Nancy
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Anonymous said...

Great work! Always have to have your art supplies. :) At least I do!