Monday, April 9, 2007

I Am A Woman Above All Else....

It's cold here today. The warm days we've had here seem to be gone again for now. It's ok with me as I dread the summer coming on, it gets so hot here. I live in a beautifully scenic place (Paradise, CA) yes, that's it's real name, and I love it here, but it just gets too hot in the summers here.
My only complaint about living in such a lovely place. I am blessed and try never to forget how lucky I am. (L.A. transplant, can you tell?)
My studio is a mess, I just plain have too many projects going. When I bring out the sewing machine, that's when the trouble begins. I love mixing paper and fabric in my collages but I seem to get lost in the frenzy of it all. Add all the trims to the mix and I've created what looks like a funky second hand store. (I will post pics someday, I promise) I love my studio though, I have to say. Having a place of my own like it, where students, friends and other artists come. Even family assemble there. Maxx (my smart as a dog, cat)even finds a box or a spot to keep me company (next pic of Maxx, he's huge and he loves cornbread) I am today just feeling incredibly blessed for having it all and wanted to talk about it. Now, if only my health would cooperate!
fondly, Nancy
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