Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Wish For You...

OK people I am back! I took a little detour and had that surgery along the way 2 days ago. Everything went well. I have been warned to stay totally off the knee for 6 weeks cuz if i don't I may need knee replacement. Judging from the pain of this, I don't want KNEE REPLACEMENT!!! So I am back doing my art and adding things to ETSY. I am also learning dignity and grace while having to let people wait on me, something I am not used to. It's just so weird to have to ask for help but thats another story! Anyway, I am glad to be back and if any of this doesn't make sense please know it's the pain pills talking!!! Til next time..fondly, Nancy Now Playing:Rascal Flatts/My Wish


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo glad that it went alright. :) Wonderful art and wonderful post! :)

inventivesoul said...

Nancy, was this your left knee?